Long Term Payday Loans

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Great wishes – small installments, long term loans make it possible. The offers of the credit market allow many different long-term financing options.


Long term payday loans – not just for home construction

Long term payday loans - not just for home construction

For loans with a long term, everyone involuntarily thinks about building the home. The dream of owning a cottage in the countryside or the swift condominium in the city is mostly financed by credit. Not infrequently, the funds must be repaid over a period of 20 or even 30 years. Homeowners have to expect about every 10 years with the expiration of their fixed interest periods.


Requirements for long-term payday loans

Requirements for long-term payday loans

Not every lender has the same conditions when it comes to long-term payday loans. Nevertheless, some key points can be generalized. First, the borrower must be of legal age. Only people over the age of 18 have the full business capacity necessary to conclude a loan agreement. In addition, the applicant may not yet be of retirement age. Although this is not a legal requirement, most banks have internal age rules.

Already in their mid-50s, the first lenders are setting limits on mortgage lending. Apart from a few special loans for training, the borrower must demonstrate a secure income. As a rule, a permanent, undeclared long-term employment relationship is required. In addition, the income must clearly exceed the attachment exemption thresholds and ensure secure installment payments. Already existing payment obligations reduce the scope.

Frequently, the conclusion of a residual debt insurance is recommended, especially for long-term loan commitments. Of course, this insurance cover brings serious benefits, but the costs can – depending on the risk – be exorbitant. Up to 10 percent of the loan amount may be due per claimant for the insurance.


Who offers long-term financing models?

Who offers long-term financing models?

Long-term payday loans up to 72 months repayment period can be found nationwide for each purpose. Beyond this period, the offers of ordinary credit institutions are becoming rarer. Only online, loans can be found, up to 120 months in duration, except for real estate and training financing.

In long terms, not only high lending sums are offered. Even a small loan can be repaid in the long term. Particularly in demand are long-term loans for vehicle purchase. Already between 5 percent and 6 percent APR can be found various offers for fixed interest.

In addition to commercial credit providers, long-term financing options for personal loans can also be used. Even people with a slightly lower credit rating are not cut off from long-term financing.


ideal for variable maturities

ideal for variable maturities

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